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What is Coding Campus?

Coding Campus is a programming bootcamp.

Our intense, condensed training is tailored to give beginners, like you, the knowledge and experience you need to successfully switch careers and get your first job as a developer.

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Meet our Alumni

Bob Clayson

Bob Clayson - Perfect Pitch

Firefighter turned programmer, Clayson currently works as a Junior Developer for Perfect Pitch. He continues to work with Python and AngularJS and has been featured on

Joe Ipson

Joe Ipson - EventCollab

With a background in Data Management, Ipson was looking for training that would allow him to work from home and increase his earning potential. He found just what he was looking for with EventCollab and now rocks it with AngularJS.

Alex Brown

Alex Brown - VMe

Brown started in sales and marketing before switching to code. He now works as the lead developer/designer for iOS application: VMe, and continues to use AngularJS and Django at his day job with web development shop, Lift Media. He is also working on a line of clothing called Koben, based out of Salt Lake.

Nate McNeil

Nate McNeil - Verisage

McNeil always felt like he should have gone into computers while he ran businesses, managed sales teams and dabbled in PHP. When the opportunity arose, he gave Coding Campus a shot and found his true calling as a web developer. His skills were so innate, McNeil was able to jump onto one of Verisage’s toughest projects, fresh out of class.

Sione Inoke

Sione Inoke - Izeni

Goofy, dedicated and smart - What more could you ask for in a guy? From event planning to programming, the transition has been a roller coaster for Inoke, but hard work, determination and a positive attitude win out every time. As a junior developer at Izeni, Inoke has good things waiting for him.

Bob Ziroll

Bob Ziroll - Coding Campus

Stars aligned for Ziroll when he found Coding Campus. Making the jump from a career in digital marketing to programming, he never thought that he would end up teaching the course he’d just finished. Mentoring Coding Campus students and programming with Verisage, Ziroll has it pretty sweet.

Morgan William

Morgan William - Izeni

If you can learn Russian, you can learn to code. Williams took a break from college to focus more on development. After completing the course and an internship in Android, he’s found the perfect place for him at Izeni working alongside some really smart people.

Joshua Brady

Joshua Brady - InsideSales

His love for cooking motivated him to make the change to a career in programming. Headstrong and passionate, Brady continues to cook up great food and ideas working with InsideSales. A good recipe needs a good cook. A good program needs a good programmer. He does both with finesse.

Breana Gonzales

Breana Gonzales - Verisage

Hosting dance nights at her house turned to hackathons and networking for Gonzales. Leaving her old job for an uncertain future in programming, Gonzales now helps women and other minorities see the upside of tech education. She volunteers regularly with the women’s group Girl Develop It - SLC and is a technical lead for Mozilla’s localization efforts.

Michael Romrell

Michael Romrell -

With some Front-end experience under his belt Coding Campus was all Romrell needed to build out his training and start a web development shop of his own: 21Zero. After a year of running his own business, Romrell has acquired the skills to continue growing in his career and earning potential as a recent Director at

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